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3 Reasons to Rent a Limo for Your Not-So Special Occasion

If you’re under the impression that luxury travel is exclusively for weddings and senior prom, then you are missing out! Limos, Luxury Sedans, and Party Buses are about arriving in style, no matter the destination. The question isn’t “Why Take a Limo?”, it’s “Why Not?”

Why you should rent a limo for any occasions:

1. You can travel in big groups.

If you’ve ever gotten into a packed car, you know the sad reality of no leg room or personal space. The journey to your destination feels long, tiresome, and plain old UNCOMFORTABLE, and don’t even get me started on trying to “Carpool.” By the time you get to wherever you’re going, you’re long overdue for a stretch. With a limo bus, you can comfortably fit 18-24 people without hesitation or bumped elbows. Check out the amenities our limo buses feature.

2. You can go anywhere you want.

Whether you’re counting miles until you turn in your lease, so you don’t go over your limit, or your car is just a little too unstable to make the trip you’re planning, planning your travel around what your vehicle can handle is a sad truth for most people. Instead of begging on facebook for someone to let you borrow their “sweet-ride,” a Luxury Sedan will get you their safety every time. Visit Read about some of the places across the country we've been.

3. You deserve it.

After a long week of work, you deserve to be pampered. The question is “why take a limo,” it is “WHY NOT”? Our limo buses come standard with everything you need to have a good time with your day off and enough place to haul all your favorite people with you.

At Affluent Travel, we’ll make your not-so Special Occasions as special as possible featuring our limo/party buses and first-class Luxury Sedan. Next time you’re searching for something to make date night just a little more special or a convenient way to travel to your favorite sports game anywhere across the country, remember Affluent Travel. Contact us now!

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3 Reasons to Rent a Limo for Your Not-So Special Occasion 3 Reasons to Rent a Limo for Your Not-So Special Occasion

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Affluent Travel understands that your event depends on getting to your destination. We offer a broad range of limousine bus options. Limousine buses provide your party more comfort, room, storage, and entertainment. You'll travel in style with the high power sound system and entertainment lighting. Plenty room to keep your stuff and stretch out. Limousine Buses We strive to leave you with 100% satisfaction after every trip. We service the Youngstown, Ohio area and Sarasota, Florida.

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3 Reasons to Rent a Limo for Your Not-So Special Occasion 3 Reasons to Rent a Limo for Your Not-So Special Occasion
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